COMMENTARY: Games, and Game-Players, Are Getting More Mobile All the Time


Nowadays, everything seems to be changing, from communicating to ordering dinner to dating. The same goes with the way we’re playing games. We’ve known for years that games were becoming social. People (ahem, Gen X-ers) still send out Candy Crush and Farmville requests on the ever-dissolving Facebook. However, instead of these communally competitive games, new… Read More »

GoldieBlox Smashes “Big Sister” in New Action Figure Ad


GoldieBlox, a company that launched storybook-driven construction sets designed to get girls building by giving them a role model in the STEM fields, introduced a brand new commercial for its newest product: a Goldie action figure. The commercial shows the company’s alternative to “Big Sister” and the fashion doll industry. Set to Metric’s “Help I’m… Read More »